Featured crystal: Iolite

As part of my practice, I meditate with a stone to learn about it's esoteric properties.

Many times a crystal's energy comes to me personified and this stone was no different. A woman appeared to me in a shadowy form. She had long, silver straight hair and was willowy, wisp-like. We were in a misty type of forest, almost swamp-ish. She led me to a pedestal with a gazing basin on top. We dipped a bowl into the mercurial surface of the water and took it to an old blind woman in a small hut. Iolite shows me that it assists in seeing without eyes, uncovering what is hidden. It is a powerful stone to be used with a clear purpose.


Iolite works with the sixth chakra, the third eye. It's associated with the element of Wind.

Sometimes known as Water Sapphire, Iolite is a magnesium, aluminum, silicate mineral.  Some of the countries Iolite can be found in are Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma and India.

Affirmation courtesy of Naisha Ahsian:  I open myself to the path of inner vision and I trust that I will be guided to what I need to see for my highest good.