New to Crystal Healing?

  • What happens during a crystal healing session?

    •  Clients rest comfortably on a massage table with a light blanket over them. The practitioner will sense her client's current energy fields and then choose crystals and stones to place on her client's body to assist in realigning any needed energy centers.

  • How do crystals "heal"?

    • Our bodies are made to heal themselves. External influences, such as food, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), pollution and stress, to name a few, can throw our healing systems out of balance. Because of their incredibly stable crystalline structures, crystals are able to help entrain our energy centers to a healthy vibration, which in turn helps our bodies to heal.

  • Why are you called a "certified crystal practioner"?

    • I enrolled in Hibiscus Moon's Certified Crystal Healing Course. She is an amazing instructor. Please watch the below video for more information.